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Anne Tyndale writes to Philander Chase about their last visit and gives an update about the appeals in the paper.




Canada, Capt Wellesley, Mrs. Norris, appeals


Holton [Rectory]

Dec 24th 1835

My Right Reverend & dear Friend

We have two most welcome letters to thank you for, one from Wycombe which Mr Williams forwarded to us and one this morning by the [most] [telling] [and] [joyous] interview with [?] Bealey which was first [?] [?] [respectful] genial and pleasant. We are delighted that you have been so well pleased and trust the [?] [of God] will meet and follow you wherever you go.

We were to have conversed a little about Canada when you were here, but Illinois engrossed us and we let the subject slip by. I hope before you leave this country you may see our most active [?] Capt. Wellesley who would tell you what we are about, but even if you should not, I think when you [?] from New York through Lake Erie you will say a good for the spiritual benefit [?] our [settlers] you may happen to [meet] with. I am taking advantage of a packet I am sending to Capt Wellesley to convey this note to you which brings the subject [?] before me, at this minute.

Amongst the friends you [have] at Wycombe & [Hughenden] I do not [?] the name of my friend [?] [the] son in law of Mrs. Norris. I shall be [sorry] if he had not the pleasure of [see]ing you. I think I may [?] [?] from your not speaking of the memories, that [mostimes] has got it and is at w[ork]. When you go to Lord Ber[ley], our dear Mrs. [?] [?] will like to hear whatever you have to tell her on that subject [?] forwarded your letter to Dr. [?] and give your appeals [whenever] we see an opening.

I wrote a letter on your subject to the Editor of the [?] and it was inserted in that paper of Monday 14 Dec. since which 10 pounds more has been subscribed.

Mr Tyndale sends you his most cordial [remembrance], he is busy preparing for his Christmas day sermons or would have written to you. All our children remember you with affectionate respect. Believe me my dear Bishop.

Most faithfully yours

Anne Tyndale

Letter to Philander Chase



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