Thomas Horne



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Thomas Horne tells Philander Chase when he is free to receive him around his other engagements.




Thomas Horne, Lombard Street


4 Nicholas Lane

Lombard Street

Dec 9 1835

Rt. Rev. and very Dear Sir,

Mrs. Horne unites with me in sincere congratulation, on the Divine Bless[ing] which has thus far attended your important mission. At all times, when you favor me with a call, I shall be most happy to see you. I only [regret] that my present engagements do not allow me to offer personal and active services [tomorrow] (Thursday, Dec 10th) I expect to be engaged the better part of the day as chairman of the [Parochial Vestry] so that it is uncertain at [what] [hour] I may be able to reach the B[?] [?] such, where [?] you better of the [?] this [many].

On Friday, I expect to be then [?] till 4. On Saturday, at home all day. So that you can call on me, just as it suits your convenience, either [here] or in the museum BUT, if you are not better engaged, and will spend a [?] Lord Day with us, Mrs. Horne begs me to say that she (I need not add myself) will be most happy to see you on Sunday next. But we both [instruct] that you will [?] yourself here to do [just] as you please. I write this in haste [?], that you may receive it early tomorrow morning if you should be in town.

I remain most truly yours

[Tho.] H. Horne

Letter to Philander Chase



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