Henry Jackson



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Henry Jackson invites Philander Chase to visit him in Tutbury and informs him of his relatives who serve as ministers of the Episcopal Church in the United States.




Henry Jackson, Tutbury


Tutbury 8 Dec 1835

Near Burton on Trent

Right Rev. and dear Sir

Being personally a stranger to you it may be thought necessary that I should apologize for this liberty I take in addressing you, but although this is the case I am well acquainted with and deeply interested in your Christian character and your laborious and [unwearied] efforts in promoting our blessed Redeemer’s Kingdom. I have heard with sincere pleasure of your arrival in England and this pleasure will be greatly heightened if you will allow me to hope that I may have the happiness of giving you a cordial welcome to our humble abode. We have several truly pious and influential clergymen in our neighborhood, to whom I should be happy to introduce you and I trust you may find the [object] of your visit to England promoted by a [?] sojourn amongst us. Beyond this, there is an additional reason for my soliciting the favor of a visit from you, which what perhaps [few] persons in England can say, that I have six near and dear relatives ministers of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Three brothers, two nephews, and a niece’s husband. The Rev’s [Church], [?] [?] of Pastoral Theology in the seminary of Alexandria.

One of my brothers, William, who is now Rector of St. S[tephen]’s New York, I am aware is known to you and probably more of them [as] for in a [letter] [dated] 1828 he tells me he had the gratification of receiving you as his guest, he was then in Alexandria.

Tutbury is ten miles distant from Derby and if you intend visiting Birmingham it may be an [?] to you to oblige us with a visit to know that we have daily coaches thither.

Mrs. Jackson begs to unite with [you] in [?] sentiment of [?] and esteem and in the assurance that it will allow us the truest pleasure to receive you at Tutbury.

Believer [me] to [?]

Rt Reverend and dear Sir

Very truly yours

Henry Jackson

PS Any time that will suit your convenience will be hopefully agreeable to us either now or after the lapse of a few weeks.

Letter to Philander Chase



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