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Rev. Tyndale gives Philander Chase instructions on how to reach him at Holston Hall by the Blenheim coach and the Royal William.




Rev. Tyndale, Oxford, Holston Hall, Blenheim


Holston Hall

Wheatley, Thursday

10 o’clock

My dear Sir

Mrs. Tyndale has just received your welcome [letter] and I work in great haste for the [Blenheim] coach if [?], [to] tell you [we] shall be rejoiced to see you tomorrow, and to hope you will come to us by the Blenheim which leaves town about ten and will put you down at our corner at ½ past 4, where I and my man will meet you. The Blenheim calls at [Moor Green] [?] and still in [Bedford St] and [?] at the Bull and M[outh] office at the corner of Portman St Oxford St, but I do not know the exact time. This you may learn of the Porter whom I shall direct to stay for you to tell him to secure a place for you and to give you information. If you cannot come by the Blenheim, you must come by the Royal William which leaves town about one and reaches Wheatley about seven. In that case you must be set down at the King’s Arms Wheatley where my man shall be waiting but I cannot as I have a lecture in my school room on Friday evening. We drive at 5. You may learn about the Royal Willim at any of the offices in Oxford St.

Remember we are on the Wycombe Oxford road not on the Henley. 6 miles short of Oxford.

Yours truly [?] Tyndale

Letter to Philander Chase



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