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Bishop W. Ward updates Philander Chase on the progress of garnering support for Chase's cause and building the Church at the Isle of Mann, particularly with respect to Lady Isabella's contributions, and suggests he circulates certain tracts in the United States.




Bishop’s Court. Isle of Mann

Nov. 24 1835

My very dear Brother

You will let me know from time to time how you get on; and whether you have [met] with a second [Marriott]. More zealous and persevering being than he in the cause of a friend and a good [?] never existed, but he had one weakness which led him into many errors in different times of his life. He would never see an error in the most worthless being that he once took up, his adherence to [?] is only one of many instances of this. I am doing all that my pen can do and the hand of a dear daughter to promote your cause, and to show you how correct I was in my view of our Blessed Lord’s [exhortation] - “give and it shall be given unto you,” my letter in which I recommended the cause of Illinois to Lady [?], together with a large [?] of your letters written since the commencement of your persecutions and your being driven into the wilderness was answered by Lady Isabella [?], (Lady B’s sister), with a donation of forty pounds to lay the foundation stone of the new Church which I am [projecting]. To nourish the good old ladies’ zeal in contributing to build the Houses of God, I have just answered Lady Isabella’s letter, a copy of which I have a great mind to send you with the [?] that you will return it. I wish you could [?] with the tract of [I.] Wells which I allude to in some of the old [bookshelves]. You will find a great deal in it to answer your purpose. It would be a very useful tract to circulate in America among the rich members of the Episcopal Church.

You must know that I am almost quite blind. The sight of one eye is quite obscured by a cataract and very little light remains in the other. I pray God that He may clear and strengthen my eye of faith and withdraw my affections from everything in this world except my friends, my people and my duty. A man arrived at [?] should have nothing but his God and his Savior and heaven in his eye. You must come over and visit the old Bp. of Mann and see the sea [?] of his [?], where he has had enough to do to raise a falling Church, which [moves] to [?] that every Bishoprick in the kingdom into [?] and several into [?].

Ever my dear friend

Most faithfully yours

W. [?] of Mann

Letter to Philander Chase



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