Anne Tyndale



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Tyndale sends Chase a prospectus of a society for sending clergymen to upper Canada with the hope of recruiting his help. She also would like to send him a memoir for him to edit.




Irish Clergy, Canada, Walter Farquhar, London, Mr. Tyndale



Saturday, 22d Nov.

My dear Bishop.

It will interest me very much to see the plan with regard to the Irish Clergy whenever it is matured in the mean time I send you the Prospectus of a Society for sending Clergymen to Upper Canada in which many of our dear friends are engaged, and which greatly interests us, perhaps in some way or other we may be mutual helps. Mr Tyndale particularly wishes you should see it - Our first first [sic] missionary is just going out. Your Trustee, Mr Walter [Farquhar] is one of our kind & pious secretaries you will find the subject of religion very near his heart whenever you are able to call upon him.

What do you say to my sending you the memoir I mentioned to you to look over in London? Not that but I hope when you come here you will stay long enough to revise it with me and perhaps now that you are come come [sic] over, I had better delay making it public till you are again at a distance. If I do not hear from you, I shall conclude you think it may as well remain here till you come.

Most truly yours

Anne Tyndale.


As I find we have very few copies of our Prospectus left, will you be so good as to return the enclosed to Mr Farquhar when you have read it and considered it. I have heard from him since I wrote the above of the pleasure he has had in seeing you.

Letter to Philander Chase



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