Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon speculates on the possible location of a donation from Lady Rosse which has gone missing. He also sends updates on various Bishops.




Lady Rosse, donation, Timothy Wiggin, Josiah Pratt, Adam Hodgson, Liverpool, Archbishop of Canterbury, Episcopal Bench, Bishop McIlvaine, Bishop West, Bishop of London, Illinois, Birmingham, Diocese of Ohio



Novr. 21


My dearest Bishop

I cannot recollect in what month it was that good Lady Rosse transmitted her donation of £100 to you, nor what I did with it; but remember perfectly I paid it [over] [somehow] for your use. If it shall not prove forthcoming of course I shall consider myself responsible to you and your sacred cause; but I have no doubt it is safe somewhere. I know that I did not lose a day in forwarding her donation. I wish Mr Wiggin or Mr Pratt [would] enquire [at] my Bankers [House] [Fleet] [St] on the subject. If not to them I probably must have sent it to Mr A Hodgson of Liverpool. I am very glad the good Archbishop of Canterbury & Bishop of London have expressed themselves with such true [thankfulness] toward their brother Bishop & his pious work. I had no doubt that they would do so, and only wish that they [&] the [whole] Episcopal Bench had more means at their disposal for such good works. Their calls on them now [are] however far more [pressing] than they ever were before & their means generally reduced. I wonder whether I ever shall feel able to visit you in the US; if I was ever to go thither now you are to be found in Illinois that wd. certainly be the state I should desire to visit but I am far advanced in my three-[seventh] year. I hope we may hear you preach in our Parish Church here, it is a beautiful castellated Gothick building 3 or 400 years old probably. I do not however wish you to quit London so long as you are [progressing] in your intercourse there with friends, or Bishops especially. What Bishop West is now doing I don’t know: I told Bp. McIlvaine that I had given him some money to get him out of England; & the bishop I understood would not readmit him among his clergy in Ohio Diocese. While he was last in England he made a great [fuss] at Birmingham which led to the [imprisonment] of a zealous but indiscrete loyalist there.

Believe me My dearest Bishop

your ever most affecte. friend


Letter to Philander Chase



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