Dudley Chase



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Dudley makes plans to meet with George in New York.




Washington D.C.


Dudley Chase, George Chase, New York, Senate


Senate Chamber March 1st 1817

Dear George,

In the midst of debate, I cannot answer your good, but too apprehensive, letter of 2nd Ult. Rest assured, that my feelings towards you on the subject of your former letter and many other circumstances, are on the establishment of perfect love & harmony. Dismiss, my dear fellow, all that’s of displeasure in me towards you, on that or any other ground.

I send you thirty dollars, which it will answer all your purposes for the present and ‘till I shall have the pleasure to see you in New York.

I shall start on Thursday next, which will be 6th; shall be in New York on the evening of the 9th, and shall call at City Hotel in Broadway. Can you make calculations to be there on the evening of the 8th? You will then have the 9th to gratify your curiosity in visiting any places you please, before my arrival. And indeed it is probable that I may be delayed by bad weather & bad woods ‘till the evening of the 10th or the 11th before I can arrive at New York; but it will only afford you further time to view the rare thing; to be seen that that City. Dear George don’t fail to be in New York so as to meet me according to my present expectations. I should be much disappoint you you fail me — ‘twould be intolerable. I most cordially approve of your desire to see Gotham; so don’t hesitate.

In the greatest haste, and under to shower, or rather thunder storm, of verbosity from a great speech-maker I must conclude

By assuring you that am & hope ere to be your

Sincere friend & Uncle

Dudley Chase

Letter to George Chase



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