Mrs. D. Fyoie



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Mrs. Fyoie writes on behalf of Philander Chase, asking Lady Rosse for her support of his Illinois cause.




Mr. O Sullivan, Bishop Chase, Philander Chase, Ireland, Mr. Fyoie, Bavellier family


Roseheath near Inverness Nov. 7


Dear Madam

Altho’ ever feeling the same deep & grateful interest in your state & welfare I have refrained from intruding upon your retirement by enquiring - considering particularly that in addition to the increase of years you must have so great care & concern for your poor afflicted Ireland for which we feel as we well may be the deepest sympathy & interest. Mr. OSullivan was here lately pleading its cause and telling of its suffering, and I hope has excited desirable interest - I do not know that any thing could have influenced me to trouble your Ladyship with a letter [except] the request of Bishop Chase, who has again come to England on behalf of another Diocese of his great but spiritually destitute region - [?] success as he had for Ohio, we cannot hope for, but a little aid will I am sure be gratefully, as it will as I think be mercifully given - but I presume not to say more, and have said to him that I should rather visit & advise his addressing a few lines himself to your Ladyship - Mr. Fyoie & I & family are I thank God! well and I heard that the dear Bavellier family were so a few days since - My dear Sister in law had the great trial of losing her beloved & only child last May. She was just grown to woman. She has borne the affliction as a true Xtian - with earnest humble prayers for your comfort I am Ever Dear Madam yr obliged & grateful

D Fyoie

The Countess Dowr of Rosse

Letter to Lady Rosse



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