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Mrs. Tyndale expresses her support for Chase and informs him that she is delaying publication his memoirs in the Record Newspaper until she can see him. She has been working hard trying to secure subscriptions for him.




Mrs. Sophia Vansittart, general convention, Bishop McIlvaine, Mr. Tyndale, Tetsworth, Oxford, Holton Rectory, Record Newspaper, Mrs. Chase, Gilead, Walter Farquhar, Illinois, Ohio River, Bank of Harries and Farquhar


Holton Rectory

near Wheatley [Oxon]

Nov 7th 1835

Dear Bishop of Illinois

To my great surprise I this morning heard from Mrs. Sophia Vansittart that you are arrived in London, I hasten to congratulate you upon your new appointment, upon the agreeable proceedings of the general Convention of which intelligence reached us from Bp McIlvaine, and upon your safe voyage across the Atlantic. It is very curious that you should arrive just as I was about to send off the memoirs of your life to the press. I must now suspend it till I have the pleasure of seeing you. Mr. Tyndale begs me to assure you how rejoiced we shall both be to see you at our little Rectory if any thing should bring you into this neighbourhood we are only half a mile off the High Road between Tetsworth and Oxford. You know me already as your Scribbling Bee, and I have been very very [sic] busy for you for some time, extracting from your letters and inserting in the Record Newspaper whatever appeared calculated to serve your cause and endeavouring to raise a subscription for your own domestic comfort independent of all Diocesan purposes, which I had just written to apprize Mrs. Chase would be awaiting her order (considering her to be settled at Gilead and not knowing where you were to be found) to the amount of €90 - since which it has encreased to above €120 of which I have this day notice from Walter Farquhar Esqr St James St, who has kindly accepted the Office of Trustee. and here I thought it might be prudent to stop, for the collecting it has been uphill work, I have been obliged to keep up the [ball] by letters and advertisements, and at this present moment the powerful claims of the suffering Irish clergy clergy [sic] are likely to be so paramount, that I cannot help feeling some anxiety, lest the voyage should swallow up the greatest part of our collections and Illinois be scarcely the better, and your comforts not encreased. No doubt however you consulted with other friends better able than I am to feel the pulse of the country and may the result be every thing you could most desire.

Your cause has been united with the cause of Protestantism in the public mind, and this may give a more thank usual impetus. Mr Tyndale desires his cordial regards and I beg to subscribe myself Rev & Dear Sir

Your faithful friend

Anne Tyndale

I have incorporated in the memoir the pith of the interesting letters you sent me written to Mrs Chase from the Ohio River.

If you should wish to draw upon the subscription for present purposes, Mr. Walter Farquhar will I am sure be happy to converse with you in St James Street and answer your draft. The Bank of [Harries] & Farquhar will be easily known though I cannot tell you the number.

Letter to Philander Chase



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