Dudley Chase



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Dudley is writing quick response to George's letter, letting him know that he received it. He looks forward to seeing George in 4 weeks.




Washington D.C.


George Chase, Dudley Chase, Washington D.C.


Washington Feb 4th 1817

Dear George,

I have but a moment to acknowledge the receipt of your excellent letter of of 30 Jan 7 and to promise for the sake of your own epistolary easy & familiarity, that I will make no further introductions this, the medium of your correspondence with me, without first obtaining your consent. I cannot close this short not without acknowledging the exquisite delight the perusal of your letter afforded me. I have praise and delicious emotions that [constitute] the riches of the heart, and the finest (I can’t now think of a better word) Specimen of sublunary bliss, are never produced without intermingling something of sorrow, that chastens the boldness of joy, and trespasses the softest pleasure thro’ the soul. The various subjects of which you wrote & the mannor of your healing them produced the effect so faintly described above. I shall soon have the happiness to see you 4 weeks from today the session closes.

In great haste yours cordially

Dudley Chase

Mr. George Chase

Letter to George Chase



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