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Tan postcard with green printed postcard lines. Includes handwritten address in blue to Rev. Leon Rosenberg with return address from Hermann Pfamensh Rosenberg. Includes a message written in blue ink.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Litzmannstadt Ghetto postcard sent from one brother Hermann Rosenberg to another, Rev. Leon Rosenberg, possibly converted to Christianity and living in the U.S.A. Purple handstamp of Rumkowski and Judenrat (Jewish Elders), German censor markings.

"Dear Brother: Again the Lord has brought us great joy that we received your letter for which we thank you very much. We are very happy to hear that the Lord helped you and gave you the strength for the Mission Work "Bethel" and gives you the vision to carry the burden. We have already started with the Love Service since last August however to a very limited extent. We were only able to continue that Service until Christmas. Since December we have been without the help of the American Express Co. We renewed our connections with the Bank and hope the help will be reinstated. When the Lord gives us the work to do, he also gives the necessary means to do it with. In as much as the Lord has helped us so far, we believe that he will continue it. At the present time we count 136 souls. To this count also belongs "Kamiohher"?? who on the last evening of the year developed this faith in the Lord announced. He wrote a card to you. We meet regular at home and further our fellowship like we did for times ago and experience the goodness of our lord and savior Jesus Christ also his presence. As far as dividing packages for the children is concerned it would be better to address them as "Haros." Last July I received a wire package from Maria for my birthday. It was a great help and joy for us. Greetings to Aunt Lisa. Greetings to all yours (not legible)."


4 x 5 3/4"


Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Litzmannstadt, Ghetto, Stamp, Mission Work, Bethel, American Express Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota, Leon Rosenberg



Litzmannstadt Ghetto Postcard



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