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A blue and white felt patch with a yellow Star of David stitched into it.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: After Churchill agreed to allow the formation of an all-Jewish fighting force to do battle with the Nazis, a Jewish Brigade Group was formed and allowed to fight under a Zionist flag. More than 5000 Jewish volunteers from the Yishuv in Palestine were organized into three infantry battalions with supporting units. Under the leadership of Ernest Benjamin, the Jewish Brigade was sent to Italy and took a combat role at Alfonsine, and then against the German 4th Parachute Division at the Senio River. Subsequently they were stationed at Tarvisio, where they assisted Holocaust survivors and facilitated their immigration to Palestine. They were an essential part of the Bricha’s efforts to help refugee Jews in Europe emigrate to Mandatory Palestine. More controversial than the role they played with the Bricha and the support of the children of Selvino, were the assassination squads (Nokmim) formed with other Holocaust survivors, seeking revenge on SS and Wehrmacht officers involved in atrocities against Jews.


2 x 2''


Star of David


1933-1938: Nazification and Early Stages of Persecution: Identification, Expropriation and Aryanization; and Emigration; First Concentration Camps; Sterilization and Euthanasia Program

Jewish Brigade Group Mogen David Patch