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A reproduction of a painting of a woman with child being attacked by a double-headed eagle. Titled, "La Persécution du Peuple Juif. Information printed on back.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A postcard sold to raise funds for refugees and development in Palestine. The image on the front depicts a mother protecting her child from a double-headed eagle (a symbol with both Germanic and Russian roots). The child is lying on flags bearing the Star of David. The reverse side containsa quote from Bernard Lazare, French Jewish literary critic: "Nous sommes toujours le vieux peupl a la nuque dure, l'indocile et rebelle nation; nous voulons etre nous-memes, ce que nous ont fait nos aieux, notre histoire, nos traditions, notre culture et nos souvenirs, et nous saurons bien conquerir ce droit que est le notre d'etre non seulement des hommes, mais aussi des Juifs." The quote translates to English as "We are still the old hard-necked people, the stubborn and rebellious nation, we want to be ourselves, what we have done for our ancestors, our history, our traditions, our culture and our memories, and we know we will conquer this right that is ours to be not only men, but also Jews."


6 1/2 x 5 1/4"


La persécution du peuple juif, mother and baby, double-headed eagle, France, Palestine, Bernard Lazare

La Persecution du Peuple Juif