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Typewritten document with red "Confidenciel" stamp and yellow folder.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Here, Klaus Barbie reports that on February 9, 1943, the "Jewish Committee for Protection of Émigrés and Poor Jews" on 12 Saint Catherine Street in Lyon was closed temporarily. According to news, Barbie continues, we have known for a long time that this Committee has been secretly engaged in helping Jews and others reach Switzerland and financing them. The financing comes mostly from the Quaker association." He states that "the famous Cardinal Gerlier of Lyon, has been protecting this association, along with the fugitive R.P. Glasberg". Barbie continues that in a visit to the Committee "we trapped some ninety people, mostly Jews, who possessed false documents and identity cards." They also had currency and jewelry. One Jew who attempted to escape was shot. Barbie concludes that "The chief and organizer of this Committee is the Jew Polak of Lyon."


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Jewish Committee for Protection of Émigrés and Poor Jews, Lyon, Switzerland



Military Document Describing Cardinal Gerlier, and Arrest of Jews in Lyon, France by Klaus Barbie



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