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Front: A pair of oversize tablets with the Ten Commandments on them are in the background of a large group of people. The group appears to be armymen and civilians, consisting of both men and women, stand in a row with the flags of allied nations behind them. There is a table with three chairs, the men in those chairs facing towards the Ten Commandments. Below them are a group of cantors dressed in all white with hats and tallis on, singing. Back: A glued-on news release describing the event in faded paper. New York, N.Y.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Wire photo with message verso: New York, N.Y.- The stirring spectacle "We will never die", was presented tonight in Madison Square Garden as a memorial for the 2,000,000 murdered Jewish civilians of Europe. Here, during the final scene, cantors sing the Jewish memorial song for the dead. Credit Line (ACME). 3-9-43


7 1/8 x 9"


Ten Commandments, Memorial Service, Madison Square Garden, New York, ACME, Song


1943-1945: Rescue, Aid and Liberation

Memorial Service for Jewish Dead in Madison Square Garden



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