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Front: A black and white photo of Jozef Tito in uniform looking down. There is an American flag to the right and a British flag to the right. Tito stands beneath a framed photo of another military leader.Back: A pasted caption form International News Photo, as well as a barcode.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A 1943 Press Photograph of Marshal Tito, Leader of the Yugoslav Partisans. In the spring of 1941, Nazi Germany invaded Yugoslavia, dismembering the federation and imposing a fascist Ustache government on Croatia. Germans imposed a military occupation force on Serbia. A revolt broke out in the Yugoslav region of Serbia in July. Tito and his Communist followers took the lead as the rebellion spread to the rest of the country. Tito was able to unify Yugoslavia's disparate ethnic and religious groups into a guerilla fighting force of 300,000 partisans, who engaged as many as twenty German divisions. More than 2,000 Jews fought with the Partisans, and Tito explictly ordered the Partisans to help Jews attempting to escape the Nazis.


8 1/2 x 6 3/4"


Yugoslav, Partisans, International News Press, photograph

Marshal Tito



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