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Front: A sepia photograph of an orante buildling and trees with a printed caption.Back: Tan postcard with black printed postcard lines. Includes a message and address in green ink, black and purple hand stamps and a line of writing in black ink.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Police Battalion 303 helped make up the Police Regiment South which, along with Einsatzgruppen C, contributed to the mass murder of Ukrainian Jews. Police Battalion 303 was ultimately under the control of Friedrich Jeckeln. During in 1941, this Battalion played a roll in the mass shooting of Jews in Berdichev (4,144), Zhitomir (18,000) and Babi Yar. At Babi Yar they were attached to Otto Rasch's Einsatzgruppen C. Paul Blobel, commander of Sondercommando 4a, was responsible for organizing the mass execution of Jews in a ravine near Kiev. Along with local collaborators, Ukrainian police, Police Battalion 45, and assorted Sipo/SD officers, Police Battalion 303 participated in the murder of 33,771 Jews over a two day period of time. Babi Yar was the largest single mass shooting of civilians on the Eastern front.


3 1/2 x 5 3/8"


Krakau, Tuchhalle, Krakow, Police, Battalion 303

Feldpost Postcard from Member of Police Battalion 303 in Krakau



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