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Record, Judicial



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Front: White paper with printed black writing and lines. Includes written information and several purple hand stamps.Back: Includes several stamps and a purple signature.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Probate court ensures only true Germans own farms. Legal folio, Cologne August 8, 1942, an 'Anerbengerichts' or inheritance court document approving the transfer of a farm to another party. The 'Anerben' laws were specifically established by the Nazis to ensure that German farms would be sold, inherited, or otherwise transferred only to those with pure German blood and that they would not be split up. The law actually saw farms as the "wellspring of German Blood" in fulfillment of Himmler's dream.


11 1/2 x 8"


Nazis, German, Farm


Ghettos, Material

Transfer of Farm Property to True Germans Document



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