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Front: White postcard with message and address written in blue ink. Includes two green postage stamps, one blue stamp, and several hand stamps. Back: Continuation of message.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Postcard (with Nazi censor mark at upper right) airmailed from Mannheim to New York; sent by Dr. Siegfried Israel Basnizki and his wife Margrete to relatives in the U.S. "We are fine, why do we not hear from you? People here are being invited to the immigration office, why are we not among them? Have you transferred the funds that we sent you to use as financial guarantee funds? L. Jonnah of the Leipzig office said that the $500 required as insurance for immigration has not been received. In case you transferred it, please ask for confirmation to be sent to us... We do not want to lose more time." Thus, Seigfried and his wife urged the family to assist them as time was rapidly running out. Margrete added the following: "I am miserable from your silence. We do not ask for much. Just do it and we will be successful. Do not forsake us." At this time, the Nazis allowed and indeed encouraged emigration of German Jews. The Zentralstelle Fur Judische Auswanderung (Central Office of Jewish Emigration) assisted in this process. The office provided passports and arranged legal and procedural matters. The sum of $500 was required as financial assurance that the person would be leaving the country. Sadly, Dr. Basnizki and Margrete failed to get the appropriate papers for their rescue. They both perished the same day in Auschwitz, three years after sending this postcard.


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Israel, Basnizki, Censored, Nazis, German


Early, Personal

A Cry For Help from Nazi Germany



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