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Front: Tan postcard with writing in blue cursive ink, and several lines underlined in pencil.Back: Printed postcard lines in green with writing in blue cursive ink. Includes black, red, and purple hand stamps, damage from a paper clip on the left, and three pasted stamps in green and orange on the upper right.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:General Gouvernement 12 pfg. postal stationary card with additional 8 pfg. and 10 pfg. stamps. From S. Schein in Kielce to Alfred Schwarzbaum, Lausanne, Switzerland, showing 2 line Judenrat Kolomea (German name) alongside. Message in German. Nazi censor markings. Dated October 11, 1941, one day before the mass murder of Jews in the Szeparowce Forest 5 miles outside of town. Kolomyja was an important center of Hassidism. The legend of Ba'al Shem Tov's birth in Kolomyja doubtless contributed to its growth, but it appears that he was actually born in Podolia. The thriving cultural and communal life of Kolomyja was limited by the arrival of the Soviets in September, 1939. The Germans took over control of the city from the Hungarians in the late summer of 1941. The Judenrat was headed by Mordekhai Horowitz, and was soon burdened with the arrival of Jewish refugees from Hungary. Approximately 18,000 Jews were herded into the ghetto that was sealed off in March 1942, a holding pen for the eventual deportations to the Belzec death camp.


4 1/4 x 5 3/4"


Ghetto, Stamps, Judenrat, General Gouvernement, Kielce, Lausanne, Switzerland, Cesnored, Kolomyja, Hasidism, Deportation, Schein, Alfred Schwarzbaum

Postcard from Kolomyja Ghetto



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