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Front: Tan postcard with writing in black cursive ink.Back: Printed purple postcard lines with writing in black cursive ink. Includes black, red, and purple hand stamps, as well as some markings in grey and blue pencil, and a printed purple stamp depicting a building on the upper right corner.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:Kowow-Lacki. 1942. General Gouvernement 30 pfg. Postcard from ch. Cegvel at Kowsow to A. Rudy, Paris, France. Three line violet "Postamt beim Judenrat in Kosow Kreis Sokolow." Message in Polish. Nazi censor markings alongside. Jews had lived in Kosow-Lacki since the end of the 18th century. With the Molotov-Ribentropp Pact, the Germans took Kosow from the Russians in September 1939. The latter had only occupied Kosow for one week. Jews had their property confiscated and were promptly forced into slave labor. A Judenrat was soon established along with an open ghetto. A number of Jews from Kosow were employed in erecting the death camp at Treblinka. In September 1942 with the Jews of Kosow concluding the Yom Kippur holiday, Nazi and Polish helpers encircled the ghetto and forced the residents to march on foot to Treblinka, where they were promptly exterminated.


4 1/4 x 5 3/4"


Paris, France, Kosow, Stamp, Reich Seal, Kowow-Lacki, General Gouvernement, Judenrat, Censored, Molotov-Ribentropp Pact, Property Confiscation, Treblinka, Ghetto, Deportation, Rudy, Cegvel

Postcard from Kosow-Lacki Ghetto



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