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Front: Blue envelope with typewritten address. Includes three pasted stamps on left side: two identical red stamps depicting a castle and an orange stamp depicting men in robes with a black Nazi eagle printed over it. Each has a black circular hand stamp over it. Also includes a purple circular hand stamp on bottom left.Back: Includes white censorship tape with alternating purple text and circular hand stamp, as well as a black hand stamp that runs the length of the bottom, as well as several small, purple hand stamps.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

General Government franking tied to KROSNO September 30, 1940, addressed to the "Communaute Israelite de Lausanne" with violet cachet Judische Gemeinde (Judenrat) Krosno. As soon as the Germans occupied Krosno on September 9, 1939, all Jews were ordered to leave the city. While some Jews hid in the city or in the countryside, others crossed the river Bug into a "free" zone of the Russians. However, many Jews reappeared in the city, even some of those that crossed the river to the so-called Russian section. The Germans created a "Judenrat," and Jewish police provided slave labor for the German occupiers. The impoverishment of the Jewish community continued, and in early August 1942 all Jews were ordered to appear the next day at the railway station. A selection was held: the young and able-bodied were spared, the old and sick were taken to the forest and shot, and about a thousand people were deported to Belzec death camp where they all perished.>/p>


5 x 6 1/4"


Ghetto, Stamp, Reich Seal, Censored, General Gouvernement, Krosno, Communaute Israelite de Lausanne, Judenrat, Judische Gemeinde, Krosno, River Bug, Deportation, Belzec, Communaute Israelite



Envelope from Krosno Ghetto



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