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Front: Tan postcard with writing in blue cursive ink. Back: Printed purple postcard lines with writing in blue cursive ink. Includes blue, purple and black hand stamps, and a printed purple stamp in upper right.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

General Government 30 pfg cancelled Radomsko (District Radom) 3/7/1942 with 2-line violet "Aeltestenrat Radomska Postabteilung" indicating the Jewish Elders of the ghetto, from Anna Rozenbaum to Alfred Shwarzbaum, the Polish benefactor who escaped to Lausanne, Switzerland and helped Jews. Written in Polish 2/271942. Radomsko was in the Lodz district of Poland but the Radom district of the General Government, and almost 40 percent of the population of 10,000 was Jewish. The ghetto--the second in Poland--was established soon after the Germans occupied the city in early September 1939, and incorporated Jews from surrounding towns. Many died from typhus epidemics, malnutrition, and the deplorable conditions rife in the Nazi ghetto system. In mid-October, 1942, all of the Jews in the ghetto were deported to Treblinka. When the ghetto was re-opened in November to house Jews from neighboring towns, they too perished in Treblinka. Anna Rozenbaum did not survive the Holocaust.


4 x 5 3/4"


Stamps, General Gouvernement, Radomsko, Radom, Ghetto, Jewish Elders, Lausanne, Lodz, Deportation, Treblinka, Anna Rozenbaum, Alfred Shwarzbaum


Ghettos, Rescue

Postcard from Radomsko Ghetto: Anna Rozenbaum to Alfred Schwarzbaum in Switzerland



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