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Front: Tan postcard with message written in black cursive ink. Back: Green printed postcard lines with writing in black cursive ink. Includes a purple hand stamp on upper left, and identical printed and pasted green stamps of a man in profile facing left on the upper right corner.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Deutsches Reich 6pfg postcard with additional 6 pfg franking tied to ZLOCZOW cds and "Durch Judenrat Zloczow" violet cachet alongside. Germans occupied Zloczow in the Western Ukraine after Operation Barbarossa on July 2, 1941. Local Ukranians welcomed the German army and collaborated in pogroms against the Jews. Jews that were not murdered were taken to slave labor camps. In August and November of 1942 several more waves of killing took place. The ghetto of Zloczow was established in early December of 1942, concentrating approximately 7500 to 9000 Jews-both residents of Zloczow as well as neighboring towns--in a very small area. The ghetto was eventually liquidated on April 2, 1943. Germans and Ukranian helpers concentrated Jews in the local marketplace, transported them by trucks to a pre-prepared pit a few miles east where they were slaughtered by gunfire.


4 1/4 x 5 3/4"


Stamp, Zloczow, Ukraine, Operation Barbarossa, Ghetto, Koltergasse, Berta Ort, Mima Teborksy



Zloczow Postcard



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