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Black and white photograph of adults descending a ramp or stairs with infants in arms.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Internment camps on the island of Cyprus were run by the British government to detain Jewish Holocaust survivors, the so- called “Ma’apilim”, who had attempted to immigrate as part of the Aliyah Bet to Mandatory Palestine in violation of British policy and were therefore considered “illegal immigrants”. More than 53,000 people were held on Cyprus in overcrowded camps with poor sanitation after 1946 until they were permitted to immigrate to Palestine or until these camps were finally closed after Israel achieved statehood.

This is a photograph of some of the 1500-2000 children and parents, freed by the British, who arrived in the port of Haifa from Cyprus on the date coinciding with the end of the British Mandate and the United Nations proposal to partition Palestine. They are debarking from what was known as the “babies’ ship”, with soldiers helping the parents carry the children onto the docks.


4 7/8 x 7"


Cyprus, "Illegal Aliens", "Babies Ship", DP Camps, Displaced Person



Press Photograph of Cyprus Internment Camp Holocaust Survivors Arriving With Infants in Haifa, Palestine



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