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Tan broadside titled, "Aufruf." Includes text in German.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Dr. Abraham Rothfeld, who wrote and signed this announcement, was the head of the Judenrat, or Jewish council, taking the place of Dr. Joseph Parnes whom the Nazis killed because of his refusal to submit Jews for slave labor at the Janowska labor camp. Lvov had the third largest Jewish population in Poland on the eve of World War II. It had been absorbed into the General Government after the Non-Aggression Treaty between the USSR and Germany was signed.

A ghetto was established for Jews in 1941. Germans ordered that the Jews be moved into it by December 25, 1941. Living conditions were poor: the lack of heat, poor sanitary conditions, and hunger contributed to many Jews dying of typhus. Selections occurred almost immediately. The sick and elderly were murdered even before they entered the ghetto. Many Jews were transported to the Aktion Reinhard extermination camp Belzec where they were instantly murdered (Aktion Reinhard camps were named after Reinhard Heydrich who died after an assassination attempt). Many Jews deemed less expendable were forced to work at the Janowska labor camp. In August 1942 the so-called Great Aktion occurred and approximately 50,000 more Jews perished at Belzec. These Aktions continued and included shootings and hangings. Members of the Judenrat were not spared and were hanged in public.


34 x 17 1/2"


Ukraine, Lvov, Lemberg, Ghetto, Jewish Council for Lemberg Ghetto, Gestapo, Jüdischer, Ordnungsdienst, Lemberg Judenrat, Aktion, Reinhard Belzec, Deportation, Wehrmacht Janowska Labor Camp, Judenlager, Lemberg Jewish Camp, Lvov, A. Rothfield



Announcement of Lvov (Lemberg) Ghetto



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