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Crowds stand behind police barriers in a city while holding picket signs most visibly stating “Bevin inherited Hitler’s Barbed Wire” “Who is ‘oiling’ American Palestine Policy?” and “’Exodus 1947’ A Symbol of Jewish Determination.”

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: The British refusal to allow the more than 4500 passengers-including 655 children and the Reverend John Grauel-on the Exodus 1947 (the old President Warfield resurrected) to disembark in Haifa; the ensuing hostilities after the ship was rammed and boarded by British soldiers; and the decision to send the passengers-men, women and children, back to displaced persons camps in the very country that murdered six million of their co-religionists, created a furor around the globe. The British were seen as no better than the Nazis, preventing the haggard and homeless Jewish refugees- the surviving remnant of the European Holocaust from reaching sanctuary in their own homeland. Increasing public awareness and international support for the passengers of the Exodus elevated this event to the symbol of the Jewish struggle for a homeland in a world where few countries welcomed any of them. Ultimately the Exodus would become “the ship that launched a nation”.


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Exodus 1947



Press Photograph of Americans Protesting British Navy Commandeering of the <i>Exodus 1947</i>



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