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Pink tri-folded paper. Recto has a black and white image of a young man on the left panel and 12 green membership stamps on the right panel that read “NSB” with dates on each. Verso has 8 “NSB” stamps on the left hand panel.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:NSB membership card (Lidmaatschapskaart) issued to C. Steenstraten who registered in the Hague on November 10, 1941, membership no. 98701. Membership stamps indicate that he paid membership fees through August 1944. Verso right panel: “Faith in God, love for people and fatherland, respect for labor”. Verso center panel: “For the moral and physical well-being of a people there is a need for a strong state administration, self-respect of the nation, discipline, order, solidarity of all classes of the population, and the preceding of the general (national) interest above the group interest, and of the group interest above the personal interest”.

The NSB—the Dutch fascist party—was the Dutch equivalent of the German Nazi Party, the NSDAP. Founded in 1931 by Anton Mussert and others, it hewed to an increasingly anti-Semitic line. After the occupation in May 1940, it became the only legal party in the Netherlands. Members zealously aided Germans in locating Jews in hiding, including Anne Frank and her family.


4 3/4 x 10 1/2"


NSB, Dutch Fascist Party, Anton Mussert, Netherlands



Dutch Fascist Party NSB (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging) Identification Card