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Booklet with green cover, 6 pages, cover includes image of Nazi soldier stabbed with a dagger, “VERBORGEN VERZET” in bold print at top with large “V” in white print. Back includes large, green “V.”

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:Printed in England during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, the cover shows an image of a Nazi soldier stabbed to death with a dagger in his back. The booklet depicts resistance activities in nations overrun by the Germans: Norway, Poland, France, and other occupied countries, along with a photographic record of victims of Nazi brutality being executed. The last page stresses the importance of destroying the powers that are intent on enslaving free people and the symbolic V for Victory.

Scarce anti-Nazi propaganda booklet printed in Dutch by a British publisher for distribution in the occupied Netherlands, 8 pp. 8vo., entitled “Verborgen Verzet” (“Hidden Resistance”) and illustrated with a cover illustration of a slain German soldier with a dagger in his back. The pamphlet opens with the title “In the Shadows…Europe Fights On!” opposite a photograph of Polish civilians digging a mass grave for their recently-executed countrymen, whose bodies lie in the foreground. The booklet further contains a record of resistance activities undertaken in Norway, Yugoslavia, Poland, France, and other occupied nations, images of resistance newspapers, and photos of “undesirables” being rounded up and executed by Germans. The final page bears the slogan “All your thinking, all your works are focused on the destruction of the powers that want to enslave free people” over the initial “V” for victory. The front cover bears a stamp indicating that the pamphlet was retained as a “specimen of British was literature.” Shows slight toning and bumps to the edges, else very good.


8 1/4 x 5 1/4"


Netherlands, Propaganda, Nazi Propaganda Resistance, Art



Verborgen Verzet [Hidden Resistance], an Anti-Nazi Propaganda Booklet Distributed in Netherlands