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Envelope with image of fields and pastures on left side, includes postage stamp of woman and postage stamp of three children on right side, stamped with image of boy and girl and “Recha Freier” in black ink. [Related items: 2019.2.246 and 2019.2.247]

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: “Youth Aliyah was founded by Recha Freier on January 30, 1933, the day Hitler took power. With remarkable prescience, she sought to protect German youth from impending doom by sending them to pioneer training camps in Palestine to be educated and absorbed into kibbutzim, the indigenous farming communities. Against extraordinary odds, she helped more than 5,000 Jewish children escape from Germany. Others were smuggled out of Europe during the war to Palestine, the UK, and other countries. Many more came to Palestine between the end of the war and the establishment of the state of Israel. Youth Aliyah also helped Jewish child survivors in D.P. camps. Freier herself experienced significant opposition from the German Jewish community who thought her methods illegal. She eventually fled to Palestine herself, taking a group of 40 teenagers with her. She was awarded the Israel Prize in 1981 for her efforts in saving the imperiled Jewish children of Nazi Germany and founding Youth Aliyah.


4 x7"


Recha Freier, Youth Aliyah


Freier, Post

Recha Freier Israeli Commemorative First Day Cover



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