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Booklet with print and lines in green, “MILITARY GOVERNMENT FOR GERMANY” printed at top of cover, “IZRAEL DOREMBUS” written near bottom below “00908” printed in black ink, 25 pages. [Page 10-23 blank]

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Israel and Helena Elbaum Dorembus were originally from Poland. Helena is known for her diary, “Through Helpless Eyes: A Survivor’s Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” about her life in hiding during the Holocaust. She had been sheltered by Polish Christians in Warsaw. She describes, for example, “…neighbors returning from town…tell(ing) of hundreds of dead Germans, wrecked tanks and wounded, frightened soldiers being taken to hospitals. Mrs. Zaleski seems to gloat as she praises the Jews for their heroism.” Dorembus describes a scene on the ‘Aryan’ side after the Germans had set the ghetto on fire. “A Jewish mother is seen leaping to her death from the third-story window of a burning building holding her little son. A Polish woman among the crowd cries out: ‘Jesus, Jesus, have mercy. After all, they are human beings.’ The woman covers her eyes with her hands.”


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Helena Elbaum Dorembus, Israel Dorembus, Warsaw Ghetto, Through Helpless Eyes: A Survivor, Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Ghettos, Post

Post-WWII Temporary Travel Document in Lieu of Passport Issued by the Military Government of Germany to Israel and Helena Elbaum Dorembus



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