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Front: Title underlined and centered on the top in black, “An die deutsche Frau!”. On the back centered in black, “Deutsche Frau, Du hast das Wort!”

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:The text of the leaflet reads as follows:

Recto: TO THE GERMAN WOMAN! Germany itself is now a hotbed of war. From now on, every bomb and grenade will explode on German soil. German blood will soak German soil. Cities, villages and fields will rise in smoke and flames. This is what Hitler and his party fanatics want. Do you want the war in this country? Ask the returning German soldier whether personal sacrifice and heroism can bring the Anglo-American war machine to a standstill. Ask the returning German soldier whether he wants the same fate for German women and children as that of the civilian population of Normandy, Italy and Russia. Ask the returning German soldier if he wants his home to look like the ruined villages and cities of Normandy, Italy and Russia. The loyalty of the German soldier does not belong to a bankrupt party, but to you, German woman, your children and your homeland. And you can save the German soldiers, your children and your homeland from more meaningless destruction if you ask for an END!

Verso: German woman, you have the word! This is the sixth year of the war. The German soldier has returned. He has endured inhuman suffering on the battlefields of Russia, the deserts of Africa, under the fire of the Allies in Italy and bombing on the Western Front. Now, on homeland ground, he is to take up the fight against the immense power of the Anglo-American war machine. Without enough tanks and Luftwaffe aircraft. You German woman have the power to prevent inhuman suffering, horror and death. Tell the returned German soldier: that you do not want this senseless last resistance; that you do not want your cities and villages blasted to the ground; that you have had enough of the SS and the party that ordered the destruction of your homeland just to keep themselves in the saddle for a few more days; that soldier’s loyalty belongs exclusively to the people; that this people demands: End of the war! Away with the wartime extenders! Immediate peace and reconstruction of Germany!

Translated by Roberto Stemmer


8 1/2 x 5 1/2"





Allied Propaganda Leaflet



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