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Front: Tan paper with three printed music staffs, and handwritten music notes/writing beneath each staff. Title and other information on top. Back: Tan paper with three printed music staffs. The top two staffs include notes and writing beneath those notes, but the third staff is blank. Beneath the third staff is Jessel's seignature, and a purple hand stamp with his name.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Leon Jessel was a Jewish composer who composed numerous operettas, classical music pieces, as well as popular music, including Schwarzwaldmadel, Parade of the Tin Soldiers, etc. Despite converting to Christianity, his music was suppressed by the Nazis. In December, 1941, Jessel was arrested by the Gestapo after a search of his apartment had revealed what had been interpreted as anti-Nazi sentiments in a letter to his lebrettist, in which he had written that "I cannot work at a time when hatred of Jews threatens my people with destruction, where I do not know when that gruesome fate will likewise be knocking at my door." Taken to police headquarters in Berlin at Alexanderplatz, he was tortured by Gestapo, and died soon thereafter in Berlin's Jewish hospital.


6 3/4 x 10 3/4"


Music, Composer, Operetta, Schwarzwaldmadel, Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Christian, Gestapo, Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Berlin's Jewish hospital, Leon Jessel

Sheet Music Signed by Composer Leon Jessel