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Envelope with red, white, and blue border with three black and white postage stamps and red postage stamp, “AVION” stamped in purple ink. Back includes “35725” stamped in red.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Les Milles was one of three main internment camps in southern France, along with Camp de Gurs and Rivesaltes. Les Milles had interned many German and Austrian intellectuals, musicians, and artists fleeing Nazi Germany. The camp was known for its rich intellectual and cultural life. Through the efforts of Varian Fry, many Jews were able to obtain release from here. Jewish aid organizations such as HICEM would also help some inmates to emigrate overseas. However, by 1942, Les Milles essentially became an assembly point for deporting Jews to the Drancy transit camp, after which they would be sent to extermination centers such as Auschwitz. Over 2,000 men, women, and children were ultimately deported from Les Milles to Auschwitz.


3 1/2 x 6"


Les Milles, Internment Camp, Rosa Gottfried, M.M. Gottfried


Concentration, Internment

Cover from Internment Camp Les Milles, France. From M.M. Gottfried to Rosa Gottfried in Hartford, Connecticut



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