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Front: Black and white photograph of a man in a hat with a long white beard standing at the front of a classroom of boys in caps, sitting at long wooden desks with books open.Back: Three white stickers with various messages.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Photograph from Roman Vishniac's The Vanished World. Vishniac photographed the shtetl Jews of Eastern Europe, from 1933 to 1940, just before the Holocaust was to destroy their communities, stating that "The life of the Jews even before the Holocaust was hard and bitter... With photography I could save at least a memory of Jewish life and culture, and the faces of the people. I thought that years and years after the killing, future generations of Jews would be interested to hear of the life that disappeared, the life that is no more." Heder, Slonim, Russia, 1938. “In Slonim, the teacher used the only tool that works: friendship and love. And he was very successful in this.” Roman Vishniac, 1977.


10 x 8"


Witkin Gallery, Stamp, The Vanished World, Heder, Slonim, Russia, Roman Vishniac


Pre-1933: Jewish Life in Europe before Holocaust

Heder, Slonim, Russia



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