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Title underlined twice, stamp in center in purple ink, Star of David stamped in purple, Nazi party postage stamp on left side of document.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Kanczuga was a small shtetl in southeastern Poland with a relatively small Jewish community. The Nazis had established a Ghetto with approximately 800 Jews, some of whom were from other nearby villages. The ghetto was liquidated in August 1942.

This document, signed by assistant Rabbi Samuel Szmelke Westreich and Judenrat official Abraham Turm, declares that Malka Schupper is eligible to get married and has no claims or any demands against her. There are hand stamps representing the Jewish Community of Kanczuga, a circular stamp for the Judenrat, and another circular stamp for assistant Rabbi Szmelke Westreich. There are signatures by both Abraham Turm and Rabbi Westreich. Malka Schupper (born 2-4-1920) married Rudolf Maurits de Leeuw (born 8-19-1917) from Winterswijk, Netherlands. He perished in an extermination camp in Central Europe on August 31st, 1944. Malka had been deported to Auschwitz where she perished in November 1942. Abraham Turm, a bookkeeper by profession, was murdered in Kanczuga. Samuel Szmelke Westreich from a family of Rabbis, son of Rabbi Josef Westreich was also murdered in the Holocaust.


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Ghettos, Netherlands

Marital Eligibility Document from Ghetto Kanczuga in Poland, Endorsed by Judenrat and Rabbi



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