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Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

With the occupation of the Netherlands in 1940, the effort to exclude Jews from civil society commenced. Nazi leadership in the Netherlands – as in Germany – began to slowly and systematically tighten the vise on the Jewish community by implementing a series of discriminatory measures over the course of months in an effort to reduce possible public resistance. Jewish officials were not allowed to be appointed to or remain in public office, and access to public areas such as movie theatres was denied. And this Dutch broadside from The Hague, titled an “Obligation to Notify Persons of Jewish Blood in Whole or Part” announced the official requirement of Jews to register with the local population authorities where they lived. Data collection was centralized and utilized by the SS and became the basis for the deportation of the Jews of the Netherlands. While some resistance to these measures existed, e.g., the country-wide general strike inspired by the Dutch Communist Party municipal worker strike in February 1941, it was quickly crushed. Jews of The Hague were eventually taken to internment camps such as Westerbork beginning in August 1942, prior to deportation to extermination centers. More than 12,000 of the 17,000 Jews living in The Hague before the war were murdered by the Germans.


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Netherlands, The Hague, Westerbork



Notification Requirement for Jews of Full or Partial Blood: The Hague, Netherlands



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