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Dark paper; 'Geheime Staatspolizei' letterhead; several red pencil underlines including the name, 'Marian Sendek'.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

From Secret State Police, Krakow. Originally headed “Concentration camp Plaszow," it was changed to "Transit camp Plaszow." The document identifies one Marian Sendek, born in Krakow on November 29, 1919, an unmarried Catholic farmer, was being arrested on suspicion of being a member of the Polish Worker's Party, the 'Polska Partia Robotnica." The PPR controlled the People's Army resistance, which was backed by the Soviet Union.

Oskar Schindler witnessed a German raid on the Jewish ghetto in Krakow in the summer of 1942 and watched Jews being packed onto trains and transported to certain death. He later said, "I was now resolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system." After the Krakow ghetto was liquidated, many Jews were sent to Plaszow concentration camp, run by the infamous Amon Goeth. Schindler recorded the names and jobs of 1200 Jews at Plaszow that he needed to work at his enamelware factory in Krakow and submitted the list to the SS. While many Jews from Plaszow were sent to Auschwitz as the Russian forces approached in 1944, Schindler was able to save the "Schindlerjuden" from extermination.


11 1/2 x 8"


Plaszow, Krakow, Polish Worker's Party, Polska Partia Robotnica, Poland



Plaszow German Arrest Warrant

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