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Front: Image of building with "Posen. Rathaus" printed at bottom. Back:'POSEN' handstamp at center right next to purple '6 Deutsches Reich' postage stamp.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Heinrich Himmler gave an infamous speech on October 4, 1943 in the town hall of Posen (Paznan in Polish) before 92 SS officers and group leaders. He extols the murder and ultimate extermination of the Jews and the Jewish race. Enjoining the men gathered in the room to not speak of this genocide, Himmler nevertheless sees exterminating the Jews as the Nazis' necessary historical mission, with no place for mercy or sentiment. Moreover, Himmler sees this as a "glorious chapter" in German history "which has never been written and shall never be written." Eventually segueing to the stickier issue of murdering Jewish children and women, he is clear that he does not want them to become avengers: a "difficult decision had to be made to have this people disappear from the earth." Himmler, who sees himself as the "political instrument to the Fuhrer", expects that the Jewish Question in its totality would be resolved by year's end. "We must be," he insists, "as SS men honest, decent and loyal to members of our own blood, and to no one else."


5 1/2 x 3 1/2"


Heinrich Himmler, Posen, Poznan, Jewish Question, Extermination



Real-Photo Postcard of Posen Town Hall



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