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Tan sign with red text. Titled, "Bis zum Weissbluten."Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Flyer related to elections on July 31, 1932. The sign described the economic crisis of joblessness, corruption, and break down of the middle class and so on in Germany. Translation:"Hitler always predicted that the policy of appeasement, the mismanagement of the Barmat and Sklarek system, the tax Bolshevism would bring destruction.The consequences that Hitler predicted would be: a jobless army of millions, the breakdown of the middle class, the destruction of agriculture, robbery of savings, etc.Adolph Hitler was right!The catastrophe came! For months Bruening proclaimed one emergency degree to another. More and more cuts of earnings, etc., but at the same time always new taxes.Everything with the support of the SPD!The consequences of these last 13 years weigh heavily on the tortured German nation! The nation woke up and recognized that Hitler predicted correctly as the nation will discover together, and millions will settle up with the guilty ones and those responsible. And now, the betrayers lie in their fear. They hope that the nation is too stupid to see the swindle. They hope they can distract from 13 years mismanagement. They hope they can shake the belief in Hitler.But it's no use!The nation will unite with the largest German party and settle up with the betrayers and will vote on July 31 for the NSDAP.Printed by the Munich poster printing shop Volk & Schreiber, Frauenplatz 8 at the dom - responsible for the content: Rudolf Hess, Munich."


11 3/4 x 6"


Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Elections, Nazi Party, Barmat Sklarek Bruening, NSDAP, Munich, Volk & Schreiber, Frauenplatz

Elect Hitler Political Flier



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