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A white postcard with an illustration of a white hen -- "Notre Mère L'Europe" -- with chicks with varying European flags beneath it. Several chicks stand undecided and an angry British chick walks into a trap with an American flag and a Star of David on it. The caption reads, "Pàques 42." Addressed in pencil on the back to J.J. Raymond, Argenteuil.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: This Nazi-inspired holiday card issued in occupied France used the traditional mother hen and chicks to promote an anti-American/anti-Semitic message. "Paques 42," which appears on the card, translates Easter 1942. Mother hen ("Our Mother Europe") protects its chicks, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Italy and others of the Axis. Two chicks, Sweden and Switzerland, although not in the brood, look up to the hen. However, one puzzled chick, England, wants no part of it and is about to enter an American trap controlled and operated by Jews. The April 6 Paris cancel indicates it was cancelled on Monday, the day after Easter Sunday.


3 1/2 x 5 1/2"


Chicken, Mother Hen, Mother Europe, Propaganda, Axis


1941-1943: Deportation & Extermination: Concentration Camps and Extermination Centers

Anti-Semitic Nazi Easter Postcard



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