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Fragile paper with typewritten text in English.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi Military Officer charged by Hitler with the destruction of the Jewish race, present at the Wannsee conference where the "Final Solution" formulated, and generally oversaw the oepration of the death camps. Captured and smuggled to Israel, he was convicted of war crimes and hanged. These papers are from the files of Robert Servatius, Eichmann's defense attorney (who also defended Fritz Sauckel, Karl Brandt and Paul Pleiger at Nuremberg). A typed manuscript (1962) with holograph corrections 14pp. Legal folio, Jerusalem, CA. In which the unrepentant Eichmann essentially blames World War II and the Holocaust on the Jews themselves. Eichmann's treatise is centered on Zionism and his opinion on its effects on world politics. Eichmann makes some remarkable charges: "... The chance for the Zionists to get Palestine will be found in a worldwide war... This activity of the Zionists had no other motive but to stir up the nations against each other... To disturb the European balance, to create chaos by war and revolution... Weakening of the European Nations by losses of population... Gavrilo Princip was a Jew... Lloyd George refuses this offer [of peace by Germany], because he knows... The United States had promised the Zionists to enter the war... The Germans are indebted to the Zionists for this changes... With the German disaster [of surrender and Versailles] grows the supremacy of the Jews in Germany.... With the take-over by Hitler.... Zionism recognizes, that the good times in Germany are gone... Zionists reaction come quick. It is the world-trade-boycott.... Hitler had given the order in June 1941, to solve the 'Jewish question' i.e., to annihilate the Jewish population of Europe physically... if World War II, as Mr. Chamberlain has said, was initiated by Judaism... Then of course the Zionists are responsilbe for the losses on both sides."


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Nazi, Military, Officer, Zionism, Jewish question, convicted, Adolf Eichman



Manuscript from Adolf Eichmann's Defense Attorney



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