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Envelope: Tan envelope addressed to Sam Wasserman in black ink. Includes return address from Sara Kalb on back flap.Letter: Letter in black ink written on grid paper.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Translation: "Dear Cousin:Even though I was just a little girl when you dear cousin departed for America you will no doubt remember my mother from Tarrone (?). My mother was the sister to your mother who had gone to her eternal rest. Mindel Laufer was my mothers name and my name is Surria (?) and I live in Vienna. I am married by the name Kalb. We lived well and everything was OK. Now however a great change took place for every Jewish person. It is a situation in which we all find ourselves. No doubt that you are familiar with it. I assume that people in America have very little understanding for it when one is caught in a situation like this. All the people who have relatives in America are leaving to go there. Everyone is willing to help whenever they can. I am thankful that I have you in America. Please be our savior in my problem. I do not know of anyone whom to ask for help. Will you send me the papers for me to emigrate to America? I am not the least concerned about my future over there. It simply can not be more difficult to earn a living there comparing it to here. We are still young and not afraid to work hard. We need the necessary papers. You can make contact with the “HIAS-Society” in New York -- Lafayette Street who will help you. I am very sincere regarding my coming to America. I want to save myself from being condemned to death. I plead with you dear cousin to provide the papers for me and my husband whose name is: Mendel Kalb -- born August 9 - 1903 in Tarnow (?). Our 8 1/2 year old child is named Manfred Kalb born Nov. 25. 1935 in Vienna. We are certain that you will do everything possible and will notify us that you will help us for it means life or death and it may be easy for you to help me. It is an opportunity once in a lifetime to do something good for people in need. We plead with you to help us and we thank you dear cousin in advance. We greet you heartily and remain as the family of,Mendel and Surria (?) albVienna II Talen Str 46/25."


a: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2"; b: 11 x 9"


stamps, Tarronne, Surria, Vienna, HIAS-Society, New York, Mindel Laufer, Sam Wasserman, Sara Kalb, Mendel Kalb, Manfred Kalb

Correspondence from a German Jew to Relative in America Regarding Emigration