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Message written in pencil on Auschwitz stationery.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Letter sent from Auschwitz inmate Suligowski Feliks.Translation: "Dear Irene: I received your letter and thank you very much. Whenever I receive good reports from you I feel very much encouraged. It gives me hope and strength to carry on. When I see the address and the number of your house I feel relieved. I read your letter at once to find out if everyone at home is well. I was again very happy to receive a good report. I was deeply touched when you told me that you had knitted winter articles for me. We are provided with warm clothing. I do not need anything. Please let the children make use of the things. Anyway we are not permitted to receive packages. I am happy that I enjoy good health. In my last letter I requested news regarding the entire family. Here is hoping that I will soon hear from you again. I would also like to ask to have the children write to me again. Greetings to all of my relatives and my dear friends. Greetings and kisses, Feliks."Translation of Auschwitz mail rules: "The following regulations are to be adhered to when inmates send mail.1. Each inmate is permitted to receive two letters or two cards each moth from their family and send two per month. Letters received by inmates must be legible and written with ink and limited to 15 lines on one side only. Envelopes of normal size are required and are not to be lined. Only 5 stamps ea. 12 pennis may be enclosed. Everything else is forbidden and will be confiscated. Postcards are limited to 10 lines and photographs are not to be used as postcards.2. It is not permitted to send money.3. If money is being sent it is important that the address includes: -Name - address - date of birth - inmate number. If incorrect will be returned or destroyed.4. Newspapers are not permitted - only if ordered through the post office at the camp.5. Packages are not to be sent to inmates since all items can be purchased.6. Dismissal requests sent to the camp commander are useless.7. Visitations to inmates are absolutely forbidden.The camp commander."


9 x 12"


Auschwitz, Suligowski, Sugliowski Feliks, Feliks Sugliowski

Letter on Auschwitz Inmate Stationery