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Green postcard with black printed postcard lines. Addressed to Josefa France from Irma Semesky in black ink. Includes message written in black ink.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: To Frau Josefa France, Prague VII, Messetasse 41 (11l) from Semesky, Irma, Theresienstad, Hauptstrausse (Maiuah) 22/71. Red stamp -- really only one postcard in German language over the official for Jewish Prague 5 -- Philipp de Monte Gesse 18.Translation: "Most precious mother,Greetings and kisses. I thank you for everything you do for me. Package arrived in good condition and made me very happy. I think of you all the time and also our good friends and are also happy to recieve letters from them. From Father Franz I receive nothing, only from you. I received photos and a letter from Paul. It made me very happy. I would love to have a picture of your dear mother to see what you look like. I am working as before and am quite satisfied with my work. I have the opportunity to read and listen to music and you know what pleasure this gives me. I hope you are really in good health and that you think of me as I do of you. I hope you heard from Paul. Write to me often dear mother as I wait impatiently for any news of you. Many greetings for Paul, Aunt Anna and with kisses to you. Your Irna."


4 x 6"


Theresienstadt, Stamp, Josefa France, Irma Semesky


1943-1945: Rescue, Aid and Liberation

Theresienstadt Postcard