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Tan postcard with purple printed postcard lines. Addressed to Anni Tinter from Anna Sara Oppenheim. Includes message written in black ink with several red censor markings.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A postcard to the Welfare Office in Vienna from an elderly German Jew residing in old age home. Red rejection stamp "Deutlichh Scheren" translates as "too distinct writing." Contents too explicit in describing ghetto's crowded conditions, scarcity and expense of food, and in requesting money.Return address: Anna Sara Oppenheim. Marschin II (old age home in the ghetto). Ghetto Litzmannstadt Address: Miss Ammi Tintner, Welfare office - Vienna. Translation: "Dear Miss Tintner,It is so very difficult for me to belabor dear people like you with my problems -- but certain things that are on my mind bother me and I am coming to you. I remember only too well how helpful you always were and protected us against enemies. Many others are in great fear and suffer a great deal but I can not write about that. I hope that you can read my writing. I wrote to my sister 6 times and I am wondering if they had to leave Vienna also. I hope that they did not suffer and I prayed for God's protection. For the past four weeks I am living in an "old age home" in a barack with many people cramped together in a small space.The nurses provided for us as best they can. Things are very scarce and very expensive. You would not recognize me. I am so undernourished -- my body has suffered a lot with pain - rheumatism, arthritis and I can hardly walk any more and I am very [illegible]. I do not have any money and need so many things like eye drops. It would be wonderful if you could send me some money so that I could buy some Fat Margarine. The kindness shown me by the mission an the very kind Pastor Lingor is in my memory. Greetings to all and if possible give me a report on my sister's situation.With hearty greetings I remain as your grateful friend, A. Oppenheim."


4 x 5 3/4"


Welfare Office, Vienna, Stamp, Marschin, Litzmannstadt, Vienna, A. Oppenheim, Anni Tinter, Anna Sara Oppenheim



Postcard from Litzmannstadt (Lodz) Ghetto with Rejection Stamp: Writer’s Descriptions Too Explicit



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