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Tan postcard with purple printed postcard lines. Handwritten address to Mina Baum from Amalia Fisch. Includes message written in black ink.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Litzmannstadt Ghetto postcard addressed to Mina Baum in Lublin from Amalia Fisch in Litzmannstadt. Postcard returned by German censor, never mailed. A card from Litzmanndstadt to Lublin, Poland. Returned by censor for apparent violations-"INHALT UNZULASSIG" ("CONTENTS INADMISSIBLE") due to mentioning: "Life is extremely difficult." "As long as we have a little money we can exist." "What lies ahead only our dear God knows." "My dying would be more peaceful and I will be reunited with my son." "Money can be sent, writing is not possible." A full translation: "Dear Mrs. Baum - I received your dear letter dated on the 12th and 22nd. You cannot possibly imagine how happy it made me. We are glad that our Sabine writes to you. We are without any information for the past two months. Dear Mrs. Baum, what shall I write? Life is extremely difficult here. As long as we have a little money we can exist. What lies ahead only our dear God knows. As long as I know that my Bertili is with Grete and Josef my dying would be more peaceful and I will be reunited with my son. Dear Mrs. Baum, money can be sent, writing is not possible [this is underlined in red]. We live with one other family in one room. How are you and your sister? How are my brothers and sisters? And Mrs. Leiduer? My husband and I send greetings to you and your sister. Hearty good wishes, A. Fisch.”


4 x 5 3/4"


Ghetto, Litzmannstadt, Lublin, Poland, censor, Bychawa, Lublin, Poland, Hisch Amalia, Mina Baum, Fisch Amalia



Litzmannstadt Ghetto Postcard Returned Not Sent



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