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Denis Baly

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"Slightly irregular in shape, the complex measures about 70 by 125 meters and is aligned northwest-southeast. It consists of an arcaded rectangular courtyard with the prayer hall to its southeast, preceded by a seventeen-bay portico. A slightly tapering minaret that is square in plan and three stories high adjoins the northwest wing of the courtyard, slightly off center. The courtyard is entered from six portals, facing northeast and southwest. The prayer hall is entered from the courtyard, as well as from two sheltered doorways from the side." Here, we can see the center of the southeastern section of the courtyard, housing the entrance to the prayer hall. For a clearer picture of this section and the dome above it, see B04.17. For a look inside the prayer hall, see the following two slides. -MA (Source: "Jami' Uqba Ibn Nafi'." Archnet. Accessed January 22, 2018.


Kairouan, Tunisia



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