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Denis Baly

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The İnce Minareli Medrese ("The College of the Slender Minaret"), erected in Konya (the Selcuk capital) between 1260-1265. The İnce Minareli Medrese is without doubt one of the most impressive monuments of Selcuk architecture in Turkey, based on the architectural form that was crystallized as the standard for madrasahs. The Selcuks are widely considered to be the patrons of the institution of the madrasah, both as an architectural form and as a particular building designed for teaching activity. To get a better sense of the rich legacy of the Selcuk madrasah, viewers are encouraged to compare the following images of the İnce Minareli Medrese with those of other major Selcuk marasahs photographed by Baly. These include the Cifte Minare Medresi (B41.001-B41.007), Sifaiye Medresi (B41.008-B41.010) and the Gok Medresi (B41.012-B41.022) in Sivas, and also the Büyük Karatay Medresesi (B42.001-B42.013) in Konya. -MA / "Ince Minare Madrasa." Muslim Heritage. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2016.


Konya, Turkey



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